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Choose the plan you want, add your card details, and select the areas you want to subscribe to. It’s that simple.


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24 hours is all it takes to start receiving Real-Time Live Alerts that your team can turn into Damage & Disaster Opportunities.

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ClaimAlgo makes scaling your disaster repair business effortless by sending you Real-Time Live Alerts via SMS or email alerts within 10 minutes of property damage or disaster events occurring in your area.

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With ClaimAlgo, you’ll get notified of Damage & Disaster Opportunities before third parties and competitors, which means you’ll often be the first to talk to property owners and enjoy higher close rates as a result.

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ClaimAlgo uses first-of-its-kind AI & automation technology to detect, verify and send you Real-Time Live Alerts packed with accurate, sales-ready information, including names, phone numbers, and addresses.

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With the steady, predictable stream of Live Claims that ClaimAlgo will send you every day, you’ll no longer have to be reliant on costly & time-consuming lead sources like wining and dining insurance reps.

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Our Users Have Already Generated Millions Worth of Damage & Disaster Opportunities.

How Will ClaimAlgo Transform Your Business?

What Would An Automated Lead Source Do To Your Bottom Line?

The average Damage & Disaster Opportunity being around $75,000 – even a single Claim a year from Claim Algo would net you a 5x+ ROI.


Per Lead subscription

$279 / Per Lead

  • Real-Time Live Alerts sent to your device of choice.

  • Unlimited alerts in your area - we tell you everything.

  • Zero project commissions.

  • Can Cancel Anytime


*Pay Just $279 Per Lead Subscription.

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